Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spotted by Digital-Ink Co's Owl

He is the cutest thing !!!!!!   And this is how you can get him to add to your blog....... Judy says, "We are spotlighting blogs in our newsletter.  Each time I spot a blog, I send them a notice and they get to post this little guy on their blog stating that they've been spotted and are featured in our newsletter and on our specials page."  So how easy is that to do?   Just become a follower of Digital-Ink Co.  and you might just get spotlighted.  Go there now and follow us and while you are there sign up for the newsletter and get your free stamp.  The newsletter comes out every week and is loaded with Digital-Ink Co news and a free stamp.


Vickie said...

Because of you Harriet, I already have been following and signed up for the newsletter for Digital Ink about a month and a half ago:)

Love their designs!! I even bought something a couple weeks ago.

Thanks for sharing them:)

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