Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pay What You Can …. A Multi Media Class



  Here is all the class offers:

The Learning Package includes:
- two videos
- collage sheets
- original artwork
- typewritten words for you to use in your art
- coupons for cheap art
- a fantastically easy way to gain access

Class has great videos and wonderful downloadable and printable papers of excellent quality bird photos and great typewriter words….. both of these are superior quality prints. 

Shannon Ganshorn is such a wonderful person to offer this course and everyone can afford.  So hope on over and take advantage of this wonderful class.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

One more quick post.....

I am going to create some similar to this for the April Bonus "Card" for my card making classes......

ATC swap with Life Book

I am taking a year long class called Life Book and we have a simple ATC swap and I received all these lovelies from my partner swapper.  I mailed hers off this past week but mine are not in the same ball park.  I sent several other things to her from my collection of "things".  Here is a collage of all the goodies and I also wanted to mention that I am putting it all in my Smash Book.....  So enjoy !!!!!!!

Several Post Today

I want to show you some of the creations from my group that meet monthly @ Hensley Happenings.  Some one in the group chose the name Hens so we are the Hensley Hens.  Anyway these are the creations and I don't have the picture of my friend KS's because I took it apart to make some more to sell for Easter.  Her's was beautiful and will put it back together and post it here. Included in this post are the ones I am making to sell for Easter.  They vary and are not all alike.