Monday, April 2, 2012

Watch for it tomorrow–Big Challenge Post

I follow this blog everyday !!!!  She has the most interesting things going on . 

So there is this challenge  called Creativity Queue Challenge……

Here is what she says which says it so much better and I can,


Figure out how to make quiche.

Plant a patch of orange + purple pansies.

Photograph graffiti.

Organize your embroidery floss.

Here's a fun image I had while reading the thought-provoking responses to the post What is Your Focus. Imagine a HUGE round table, as big as an entire room, shaped like a bagel (or a donut, if you prefer something sweeter) and a swivel chair in the center. Divide up the table into sections, each with a favorite medium. A sewing machine with fabric on the left and paper on the right, a pile of photographs, art journaling materials, acrylics, old magazines, scissors, watercolors, inks, blank journals, a pile of cotton yarn and knitting needles, you simply turn your chair and get rolling!”

So tomorrow join me here to check out what I am doing !!!!!

See ya !!!!


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