Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Saturday

Haven't posted in a few days...I have been doing some dreaded chores that I said I was gonna do while on Spring Break. Yesterday I did my taxes. I did them on line and they are free and easy at this web site .... .....if you haven't done yours yet take a look at it.

Yesterday I was in craft room and saw the left over fronts of the card I made for our group meeting swap. I had made 15 and I have about 8 of them left. So What do I do with these nice cards without using a lot of supplies? I am thinking of turning them over and cutting a top note and putting it on the back. And use them as note cards. Does anyone out there have any other ideas? Please let me know !!!!

Also today I am posting a picture of Brat (the newest addition to my house). What do you think?


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