Sunday, September 23, 2012

What's On The Camera and Phone This Week

Seems some pretties so lets get started...........

Vintage photo of a happy couple after working in tobacco all day….. I love it ……
 Some really hot peppers but love the shape and colors

 the beginning of a cover of a journal which will be swapped with other artist and they will do a page and then mail it on to the next person ….I am really excited for this. I have wanted to do a journal swap for a long time. I will share as it moves a long .

 These next flowers were traced on tracing paper, cut out, glues into a journal with a mat medium and coated on top with it too. Then I painted them with Twinking H2O water colors. The twinkling name comes from the shine and shimmer the paints have.

 These last two are the same but colored with regular water colors.

Well this is it for this week…… I have some more card classes this week and plan on doing some sewing projects. Maybe they will be on phone next week….. For another week ……..


Dana said...

Great art Harriet and I LOVE the pic of that couple. The lady seems so joyful, just makes me giggle :)

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